Each GREEN campus strives to ensure a smooth and consistent traffic flow and schedule to make daily routines as peaceful and convenient as possible.

Please continue to take a left out of the parking lot!


Please pull forward to the end of the sidewalk when dropping off in the morning. Please do not use the outside lane to drop off students. Even if it is Raining.

Student should be in their 1st Period Class by 8:15

We are pleased to announce that the resources to provide an earlier drop off have been allotted.

Drop-Off will begin at 7:30AM

Please do not drop-off before 7:30AM.


Turn on to Century Circle on the West Side of the school.

Do not block entrances to parking lots or adjacent streets.

We ask that all drivers on school property obey the rules to keep our children safe and to be respectful of other drivers by practicing safety, vigilance and proper etiquette when merging, dropping off or picking up students.

Email us at or call us at (864) 241-0151 with any questions or concerns.