Handbook & Supplies


Our Family Handbook is just a first step to help you become familiar with GREEN Charter Schools and understand our expectations and commitment to your success. It was developed from our policy manual and aligned with South Carolina and federal education law. We ask that you review it.

From time to time, as we pursue continuous improvement, the guidance contained in this handbook will need to be improved. When that occurs, we will communicate with you so you may understand our new expectations and adjust accordingly.

On behalf of all of us at GREEN, we are so excited for the future and how we can ALL achieve our personal and professional Dreams and Aspirations!

Family Handbook 2022-23

School Supplies

Specific Lists Coming Soon!

At the beginning of classes, each teacher will provide a syllabus for their individual class which will include any specific supplies your student will need for that class.

For the first week, please bring just a few basic school supplies:

  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Notebooks
  • Water Bottle